We specialize in new account acquisitions, customer retention,
and promotional sales and marketing for our Fortune 500 Clients on an inside basis.

New Account Acquisitions

Our current client’s main focus is to obtain new customers. With our face to face approach, we find customers love the smiling faces and handshakes which makes the customer experience a truly unique one.

Existing Customer Retention

Our customer service is something we have a very high standard on.  Our training program is designed to focus on what the customer needs in order to have continued satisfaction.

Promotional Sales & Marketing

All of our marketing and sales are done using state of the art technology that helps the transaction for the customers happen seamlessly. We love the integration of technology with the traditional approach of conversation.


We offer all of our clients 100% ROI
with an opportunity to grow exponentially.


All of our services are done on a face to face basis
in a team oriented environment.

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